3 Expert Skincare Tips for Brides To-Be

Choosing the right skincare routine for the big wedding day.

You’ve said — yes. Tried on a variety of wedding dresses. Selected your bridesmaids. Picked out the DJ and the number of tiers on the cake. Double-checked the seating chart. Now it’s time to make the jump from Miss to Mrs. — and Odisea understand how important it is for every bride-to-be to have naturally radiant skin on the big day.

Every bride wants to look flawless on her big day. To get there, you must follow a precise selfcare skincare routine for a beautiful, radiant glow. Odisea shares three expert skincare to-dos to conquer before you say ‘I do’ —and marry the partner of your dreams.

Green Juice for Great Skin

Support flawless skin from the inside out. Juicing before the big day is a world-class dehydrating, game-changer. Part ways with the wine and liquefy leafy greens — at least a few months leading up to the wedding. Green juice is a fantastic addition to pre-wedding skin because it’s oxygenating and comprises of vital minerals to help accelerate the lymphatic system and eradicate puffiness.

Odisea Self-Care Collection

What’s more ideal before the big wedding day than a head-to-toe self-care day?! The Odisea skincare collection is the essential treatment to help you look younger, fresher, and most importantly promote brighter skin for all wedding activities. Discover the Odisea Ultimate Me-Time Collection. What’s included?

  • Face Mask. Dual-hydration mask enlists breakthrough biodegradable technology, hyaluronic acid, and high-impact CBD for a deeper immersion. The mask is squarely protected between two sheets made from the nectar of an entire coconut, delivering a decidedly concentrated moisture not found in other masks.
  • CBD Infused Lotion Pearls. These little pearls of hydration are packed with an exact dose of super-charged antioxidants and CBD that powerfully perk and hydrate the skin. Rich in fatty acids, macadamia seed oil and Vitamin B3, each burst emulsifies on contact and goes deeper than dewiness alone.
  • Bath Bomb. Boosts circulation, draws out toxins and enhances head-to-toe CBD absorption for the ultimate you time. Made with CBD, whipped organic goat milk, organic coconut oil and Epsom salt, this anti-inflammatory elixir does more than fizz. It boosts circulation, draws out toxins and enhances head-to-toe CBD absorption for the ultimate you time.

Sweating to the Alter

When you sweat, your body cleanses and rids itself of all the impurities that are rooted in the dermal layer — including toxins and dirt to old makeup and chemical residue.

Being active and producing sweat improves the tone, clarity, and texture of the skin. Did you know that sweat also contains tiny traces of antibiotics that combat dermal bacteria, boosting the cleansing process? Nutrient-rich blood surfaces with increased circulation, allowing essential vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps between skin cells and plump up tiny wrinkles, while deterring future collagen breakdown.

Say Odisea. Say I Do.