A Face Mask to Give You a Summer Glow All-Year Round

Woman applying CBD face mask

You have primed and prepped for the ultimate at-home spa treatment and searched high and low for a sheet mask to tackle all your skin imperfection.

You purchased a face mask that promised firmer skin and a glow like no other. Maybe the mask is too big, the eye cutouts are too high, the sheet mask is too dry — and the promising bright glow is never achieved.

Well, you are in luck today. It is not a coincidence that you landed right here at this very moment. We want to introduce you to a CBD face mask that delivers high concentrations of active ingredients and gives you hydrated, picture-perfect skin in less than 20 minutes.

No need to go to the spa because Odisea is bringing the spa to you.

Beauty, Self-Care, and CBD on Another Level

Beauty is truly felt when you learn to appreciate yourself. Self-care in all its forms is essential on many levels, but when you add CBD to the mix — now you’ve reached another level of flawlessness.

For some, it might sound like a tedious task to set aside time to apply a mask to your face. But in a matter of minutes, what if glowing, hydrated, and a skin transformation was the result? What if all your skincare imperfections could be eliminated with just one mask?

  • Problem: Dead skin cells
  • Problem: Enlarged pores
  • Problem: Oily skin prone to breakouts
  • Problem: Dry, uneven skin
  • Problem: Redness and irritation
  • Problem: Age-damaged skin
  • Answer: CBD coconut biodegradable face mask

CBD Coconut Biodegradable Face Mask

Let’s face it — when you come face to face with a legitimate product, you know it. The CBD coconut biodegradable dual-hydration mask procures revolutionary biodegradable technology and superior-impact CBD for a deep spa-like treatment. The mask is protected between two sheets made from the nectar of a coconut — delivering concentrated moisture not found in other masks.

Peel away the sheets — and you will find a super-luxe hydrating experience. The power ingredients work together to stimulate cellular repair and promote more efficient skin regeneration.

High Impact CBD

  • Improves the skin’s natural appearances and elasticity.

Rosemary Extract

  •  Helps safeguard skin cells from damage. Stimulates cell renewal while instilling skin with moisture and improved circulation.

Black Licorice Extract

  •  Skin-calming licorice decreases redness and inflammation.

Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract

  •  Chamomile calms sensitive skin and delivers antioxidant protection.

Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract

  •  Boasting one of the highest concentrations of the anti-aging property resveratrol, Japanese knotweed fights harmful free radical damage.

Sodium Hyaluronate

  •  With its ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is the most natural moisturizing ingredients known to science.

Coconut Water

  •  The heart-of-it-all nutrient provides natural moisture and amino acids to help keep skin hydrated.

Odisea Insider: Before you apply the face mask, always cleanse your face first. It is important to remove any impurities on your skin and prep the skin to suitably receive all the ingredients for a healthy glow. Take a step further and applying a toner to prep your pores and pH levels for the mask. You probably assume or maybe read that leaving the mask on for a more extended time will give you an even better result. This IS NOT true. Always remove a face mask while it is still wet. If a face mask dries on your face, it will damage the top layer of the skin.

It’s time for self-care. Take a night off and treat your skin to the ultimate glow-up face mask. Your face will thank you for its bright, flattering glow. We call it the Odisea filter. Get your glow on.