Are Hi-Tech Skincare Products Worth the Hype?

Hi-tech skin care tools

Smart mirrors. Eye massagers. Lightstick skin therapy. LED Masks. Beauty companies are ramping up production on advanced and convenient tools for skincare. Who doesn’t want microscopic insights on their skin?!

With all the cool tools available on the market today — especially ones that promise to change our lives forever, are these hi-tech skincare products worth the hype?

Not all skincare devices are created equal. To sort out the worthy from the inefficient, Odisea Life experts break down popular devices.

Facial Toning Systems

Facial toning systems — when used correctly — can provide stimulation of the skin to improve collagen structure. If you implement a facial toning system into your skin routine regularly 3x a week and follow the instructions carefully, Odisea experts state a facial toning system can indeed tone and lift the skin.

Eye Massager

An eye massager is more so for immediate affects rather than long-term use. Odisea experts suggest consumers may see a reduce in under-eye puffiness following use of an eye massager. For under eye bags or dark circles, it is best to use filler injections.

LED Acne Masks

Do you suffer from acne? LED acne masks are on the rise. Odisea experts agree that an acne mask is highly beneficial for acne-sufferers — as the blue light reduces acne bacteria — while the red light is anti-inflammatory.

Fuller Lashes Mascara

If you want your lashes to be thicker and longer, ‘fuller lash’ mascara will help do the trick. Odisea experts say a lash tint that darkens and plumps lashes will give you a curvy lash appearance for a month.

Glow Wand

A glow wand is used to help move stagnant or slow-moving lymph fluid — so your face appears less swollen and dreary. Odisea experts believe a glow wand allows lymphatic draining as the device puts pressure on the skin to help push the fluid away from the skin, so it can be filtered by your lymph nodes.

Microderm Devices

Microdermabrasion tools spin aluminum oxide crystal-coated disks that scrub away dead, dull skin cells. Odisea experts agree a microdermabrasion tool helps lessen sun spots and eliminates dead skin — which accentuate pores and wrinkles. The tool is highly effective when you sweep from the center of your face outwards.

Lightstick for Wrinkles

Lightsticks are a handheld, portable device that uses skin-rejuvenating wavelengths of red-light energy to stimulate collagen and subsequently fade fine lines and wrinkles over time. Odisea experts strongly warn — you will LOVE this type of tool for your skincare routine. The lightstick is safe for every skin type and takes just three minutes a day to use.

Before purchasing hi-tech tools from different brands, always do your research. Skincare devices often promise to tighten wrinkles, eliminate under eye circles, and lessen acne. Odisea agrees these tools — wands, masks, and handheld devices — have some very inviting benefits.