CBD Lotion Skin Pearls for Radiant Glowing Skin

Woman with Smooth Glowing Skin from CBD Skin Pearls

Do you ever wish you could wake up and five minutes later — you look and feel like you had a facial? During these months of confined, airless quarantine and a week of unrest like no other, we could certainly use a confidence booster, including glowing and radiant skin.

There comes the point in time when healthy glowing skin may seem unattainable, and with summer 2020 approaching fast — we want to give you the secret guide to achieving a sun-kissed glow.

Let’s eliminate lackluster, non-vibrant, uneven skin — and prepare your skin for a legendary lift with CBD lotion skin pearls.

The Glow is Gone — What is Dull Skin?

Dull skin is skin that does not look bright and radiant. In most cases, dull skin appears lackluster. When your skin becomes flat, it is a result of excess dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin due to dryness, stressed cells or slow cell turnover — all of which can happen at any age and in any season.

The Problem: Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin that is thirsting for moisture, ultimately becomes flat and dull.

The Problem: Unwarranted Aging

With age, the amount of moisturizer our skin naturally produces decreases along with collagen production leading to dull skin tone.

The Problem: Stress

Chronic stress contributes to increased inflammation of the skin, which creates uneven, dull complexion.

So, what’s the answer? You’ll find the secret below.

Indulgent Spa-Like Experience with CBD

There may be nothing more powerful and satisfying than rubbing CBD lotion pearls into your dull skin. And, as it happens, this indulgence is a spa-like experience as skin gains firmness and elasticity, while the CBD retexturizes the skin’s surface.

CBD lotion pearls are suitable for all skin types. Its deeply moisturizing formula hydrates dry patches, nourishes and leaves the skin — healthy, revived, and smiling. Packed with five nourishing ingredients, CBD lotion pearls are a lightweight lotion designed to rejuvenate dull and dry skin and help restore a youthful glow.

Macadamia Seed Oil

This oil contains one of the highest sources of palmitoleic fatty acids, vital for preventing premature aging and helping repair the skin’s barrier function.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Extremely rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, this is oil protects the skin from free radical damage while minimizing trans-epidermal water loss.

Vitamin B3

A potent antioxidant helps to even skin tone and enhance the appearance of enlarged pores and dullness by increasing natural lipids.

Shea Butter

This anti-aging ingredient is high in Vitamins A and E, fighting wrinkles and fine lines to unveil a smoother, brighter complexion.


A member of the sunflower family, and also known as false daisy, this ingredient diminishes inflammation, promotes healing, and protects skin cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Rich in fatty acids, macadamia seed oil, and Vitamin B3, each CBD lotion pearl emulsifies on contact and replenishes the moisture deep within the skin. Get your glow on!