CBD Skincare Routine: Do you Need a Toner?

Applying toner before CBD lotion pearls

Do you need a skincare toner? Is a good face toner standing between you and flawless skin? Odisea Life CBD experts reveal the secret weapon to healthy skin is face toner.

For some time, alcohol-based toners were deemed unnecessary, excessively astringent, and extremely dehydrating. In today’s modern world, toners help provide the opposite results — a radiant and healthy complexion.

The latest toners contain alcohol-free properties — and typically address almost every skin concern and are no longer limited to treating acne and oily skin.

What is a Toner?

A liquid toner removes makeup, dirt, and oil after your daily skincare cleansing routine. Instead of curbing oiliness and fighting blemishes with alcohol, toners are now refined. Every formula is different and may contain moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, or exfoliating ingredients.

Benefits of a Toner

Toners are most helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

  • Shrinks pores. Applying a small amount of toner to a soft cotton ball or pad and gently blotting and wiping your face with it will remove oil and give the appearance of smaller pores.
  • Restores your skin’s pH balance. Our skin is naturally acidic, typically with a pH balance of between five and six (on a scale from 0 to 14). This balance can quickly get out of whack after cleansing due to the high pH of soap. When this happens, your skin needs to work overtime to return to its normal levels but using a toner can help reestablish this balance instantly.
  • Adds a layer of protection. Toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, diminishing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. It can even protect and eliminate chlorine and minerals present in tap water.
  • Acts like a moisturizer. Some toners are humectants, which means they help to bind moisture to the skin.

When used with CBD lotion pearls, a toner can completely change the skincare game. Hydration is the foundation of a flawless skincare routine. Cleanse as usual, then use a toner as the first step that to hydrate. Apply the lotion pearls as a finishing step to safeguard the hydrating layer.

It’s double hydration. The CBD-infused pearls are infused with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients — just like toners.