Relieve Period Cramps with CBD Period Patch

Ditch the variety of pills and pain meds for CBD period patch

It’s that time of the month. Heating pad. Every kind of pain medication imaginable. Hot bath. The inconvenience of pain. Every month, many women endure the discomfort and agony of period cramps.  Excruciating cramps that can become out of control — it’s the power of pain.

So, how do you relieve this unbearable pain? The answer is simple. Odisea offers a CBD transdermal patch to provide uniform absorption — allowing for all-day relief from period cramps.

What are Period Cramps?

Period cramps, aka uterine cramps during the troublesome time of a menstrual period, are cramps typically felt in the abdomen, back, or thighs. Women may also experience pain in the middle of their cycle during ovulation.

The painful cramps are typically brought on by an excess of prostaglandins, compounds that are released from the uterine lining as it prepares to shed.

  • Menstrual cramps are pains felt in body before and during menstruation
  • Period pain can range from minor to severe
  • Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, headaches, and diarrhea
  • A period patch is effective in lessening menstrual pain — reducing the need for pain medication.

What is a CBD Period Patch?

Do you experience terrible aches and deepened mood swings? The Odisea CBD period patch is a patch made in heaven. Its multi-purpose use helps you find comfort and calmness on the mind and body through transdermal absorption.

The period patch is a non-toxic, THC-free patch packed with a dominant heating agent bentonite (CBD kryptonite) to support your muscles. Ditch the variety of pills and pain medications. Use the hemp-derived patch for relaxation and pain-relief.

Recalibrate and Relax. Relieve your period cramps. Apply the patch to clean, dry skin of the back, wrist, top of the foot, or abdomen for maximum relief.