Sea Salt and Agave Bath Bomb Booming in Popularity

Woman hand holding an Odisea bath bomb

It has become one of the most unique CBD bath bombs on the market — Odisea Sea Salt and Agave.

During these long fall days (or short for some), nothing beats a hot, CBD-infused bath to curve the stress and make your skin feel divine.

Yes! Pop a bottle of wine, play some relaxing music — and sink in. There are many bath bombs on the market, but nothing quite like an Odisea bath bomb — the difference between a basic, everyday bath and one worthy of accolades.

Odisea Bath Time

Odisea bath bombs are beyond amazing. Just drop in a Sea Salt and Agave bath bomb and in a matter of seconds you can feel the CBD dissolving the tension in your muscles and hydrating your skin.

CBD-enriched bath odyssey is a new dimension of relaxation. The bath bomb is made with CBD and does more than just fizz. It boosts circulation, reduces inflammation — and draws out toxins. It also promotes head-to-toe CBD absorption for the ultimate you time.

Watch it dissolve and fizz away … and revel in the skin-loving benefits.

Ingredients to Float On

Why is it booming in popularity? The bath bomb is made with CBD, whipped organic goat milk, organic coconut oil, and Epsom salt. Not to mention, the popular Odisea bath bomb has that distinct scent of the beach — sea salt and agave fragrance.

CBD. The powerful anti-inflammatory achieves peek topical skin absorption through a bath

Organic Goat Milk. Containing skin-softening Vitamin E, it promotes collagen production

Epsom Salt. Long revered for anti-inflammatory properties, this detoxifies while aiding the lymphatic system

Organic Coconut Oil. The natural emollient provides mega-moisture and battles environmental skin stress

Let the sea set you free. Enjoy a fresh and intriguing bath night — to relax your body, mind, and soul.