Supercharge Your Evening with CBD Bath Bombs

Woman prepares bath with CBD bath bomb in bathtub

You’ve made it through a long day. There’s no better way to relax and de-stress than a CBD fizzy bath bomb night.

A CBD bath bomb adds ingredients and a moisturizer to your bath’s water to indulge your skin. No matter your skin type, the therapeutic ingredients in CBD bath bombs leave it healthier, supple, and silky.

It’s time to pause — everything around you — for the evening. Odisea Life is here to urge you to unwind. You’ve cleared the calendar, made the time, and purchased a bath bomb — but how do you draw the best bath possible?

Soak into a new dimension of relaxation with the Odisea grown-up bath bomb. Made with CBD, whipped organic goat milk, organic coconut oil, and Epsom salt, this anti-inflammatory elixir does more than fizz. It boosts circulation, draws out toxins, and enhances head-to-toe CBD absorption for the ultimate you time.

Let’s explore the three great benefits of adding a bath bomb to your nightcap.

3 Tips to Supercharge Your Evening with CBD Bath Bombs

The perfect, supercharged bath night experience goes beyond these small tips. Creating your most relaxing bath comes down to the prep work. Before you begin, layout your robe, light the candles, play a soothing playlist, and set the mood — to create a spa-like environment without leaving home.

Ingredients Matter. As relaxing as a regular bath bomb can be, always pay attention to the ingredients. If you’re looking for a specific effect from your bath, opt for complementary elements to produce that effect. Look for products that contain Epsom salt, vitamins, oils, milk, lavender, and CBD.

To the Top. If you’re going to relax and unwind, go all-in — meaning fill the tub to the top. We know it’s tempting, but it’s essential to take your time and fill it all the way up. Dropping your bomb into a FULL bathtub of water allows the bath bomb to dissolve properly, unleashing all the beneficial ingredients into the water.

Make it Warm. Yes, we know — you’d like to hear ‘make it hot’ — but in this case, we want you to make it warm. While this is the required temperature for CBD baths, Odisea believes you should make the bathwater warm for ingredients to melt down at just the right time. If you get it too hot and steamy, the ingredients tend to evaporate quickly — and you don’t get the full extent of absorption.