The Best CBD Face Lotion to Buy in October

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And it’s over. No, not us. Odisea is always here for you. We are talking about September. Cross it off the calendar. October is here — and with it comes all the incredible fall skincare innovations hitting the market.

What does that mean for your daily skincare routine? It’s important to use hydrating, nourishing products that will keep your skin packed with moisture.

Check out the best pick for CBD face lotion — a product on the winners’ list in 2020.

Best Lotion to Buy in October

No need to schedule an appointment or wait in line. The Odisea Life online shop has the best product to perk up your skin, enhance your summer glow — and produce a bouncier, smoother complexion.

CBD Lotion Pearls: These tiny lotion pearls are a powerhouse with an exact dose of super-charged antioxidants and CBD that powerfully perk and hydrate the skin. Rich in fatty acids, macadamia seed oil, and Vitamin B3, each burst emulsifies on contact and goes deeper than dewiness alone. Complexion is even-textured, bouncier, and ready for anything.

Key Ingredients: 240 mg Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin B3, Shea Butter, and Bhringraj.

Why You Should Use Face Moisturizer?

 Odisea experts weigh in on why you should wear a face moisturizer. The top layer of skin is basically — dead skin cells. Below the dead skin cell layer is where the skin stores water. If your skin isn’t holding enough water, it begins to dry out, loses elasticity, and creates an uneven tone.

Odisea Insider Tip: Leave a small trace of water on your skin before you apply the Odisea lotion pearls. The CBD + water helps lock in the moisture.

Odisea CBD lotion pearls to the rescue. The pearls work by locking water into the skin and absorbing water from the outside. The result? Immediate smoother, hydrated, healthier skin. Think of Odisea lotion pearls as the Fountain of Youth. The non-comedogenic lotion will not clog your pores, and the antibacterial properties of the CBD will help prevent breakouts.

Get your lotion pearls today and see why our superhero face lotion is causing such a buzz.