The Perfect Summer Skincare Swaps to Make Right Now

Summer tank-top, canvas shoes, and sunglasses

Crank open the windows and feel the warm summer breeze. Find your favorite bathing suit and tank top. Swap your sweaters for sundresses and canvas shoes, grab your old-school sunglasses, find a nice cozy spot on the patio — and let’s get to it.

Yes, summer is here. Regardless of your skin type — it’s time to ramp up your skincare routine and make some essential changes for a lasting summer glow. Odisea has the top beauty adjustments you should make right now for summer 20’.

Simple Skincare Swaps from Odisea

It’s no secret, Odisea skincare experts always have the secret techniques and go-to products for flawless, glowing skin.

Odisea Insider: Swap Out Cleansing Balm for CBD Lotion Pearls

If you are a fan of cleansing balms, you probably know the extra moisture can be thick and pore-clogging during the summer. We have the solution to slow down the blackheads and breakouts and give you a summer 20’ breakthrough. Swap out the dense cleansing balm for light, nourishing lotion pearls. You’ll love the extra hydration. CBD lotion pearls are enriched with hemp oil, macadamia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, Bhringraj, and essential vitamins. Results give you the ultimate radiant glow.

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Odisea Insider: Swap Out Mud Masks for CBD Cocunt Face Masks

Messy mud masks are great for winter skin, but not so beneficial for summer skincare. If you plan on spending time outside this summer, CBD coconut face masks are perfect for hydrating. Each mask contains rosemary extract, black licorice extract, flower extract, hyaluronic acid, and coconut water. The face mask can protect your skin from sun damage when applied regularly. Stock up now and prepare for radiant summer skin.

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Odisea Insider: Swap Out Self-Tan for SPF60

Sometimes we adopt unnecessary skincare products. Have you recently added self-tan enhancing lotion? Why not embrace your natural-looking glow? Most self-tanners contain chemicals that are damaging to your health — and the dangerous chemicals make it challenging for the skin to release naturally occurring toxins, which can lead to infections and breakouts. Swap out the self-tan for high-power SPF throughout the day. Protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn and damaged skin. Enjoy the perfect shade of sun-kissed this summer without risking your health.

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