Top 3 Beauty Hacks Using CBD-Infused Products

Odisea CBD-infused beauty hacks written down on paper

From head to toe — looking and feeling gorgeous — has never been more foolproof. The master beauty hackers at Odisea Wellness can help you get there without breaking the budget.

Odisea has compiled our top three CBD-infused beauty hacks we think every woman or man — should know. Keep calm and hack on!

Beauty Hack #1 – Model-esque Glow

What You Need: Odisea CBD Lotion Pearls and Your Favorite Foundation

Skin feeling dry? Lost your glow? Mix three CBD-infused lotion pearls in with your foundation. Apply to face as normal. You’ll be amazed by the instant dewy, model-esque glow. The tiny lotion pearls are a powerhouse with an exact dose of super-charged antioxidants and CBD that powerfully perk and hydrate the skin. Each pearls emulsifies on contact and goes deeper than dewiness alone.

Beauty Hack #2 – Refreshed and Ready to Go

What You Need: Odisea Coconut CBD Face Mask and Tea Bags

If you’re susceptible to swollen, puffy eyes when your alarm sounds off, use this quick hack to reduce a puffy face and eyes. First apply the Odisea face mask. Then steep two teabags and place them over your eyes for an illuminating puff-be-gone difference. The black licorice extract in the face mask aids in redness and inflammation — while the caffeine in tea bags will help increase circulation and depuff instantly.

Beauty Hack #3 – Softer than Baby Feet

What You Need: Odisea CBD Bath Bomb and Vaseline

If your feet are feeling cracked and dry, it’s time for a 1-2 punch. First, soak in the tub with an Odisea bath bomb. After the bath of your dreams, dry your feet completely. Rub a thick base of Vaseline over the heel and toes — and put on a comfy, thick pair of socks. You’ll wake up with baby-soft soles. The CBD-infused bath bomb does more than just fizz. It contains whipped organic goat milk, organic coconut oil, and Epsom salt to boosts circulation, soften the skin, and draw out toxins.

These CBD beauty hacks by Odisea are a game-changer — and the most innovative hacks out there right now.