Upgrade to CBD Lotion Pearls for Smoother Skin

Attractive young woman in bathrobe and towel on her head applying moisturizing CBD lotion pearls on her face after taking shower

Rough, scaly skin? Not on our watch. Whether you’re on the journey to healthier skin or prepping for a big day, Odisea has the best, and most unique lotion pearls to add to your daily routine.

Join the Odisea beauty revolution and give your skin the care it needs with CBD lotion pearls a — a splurge-worthy option for the smoothest, most super-soft skin you’ve ever had.

These tiny lotion pearls are a powerhouse of super-charged antioxidants and CBD that powerfully hydrate the skin. Rich in fatty acids, macadamia seed oil, and Vitamin B3, the obsession-worthy formula nourishes and perks the skin.

Nourish the Skin with CBD Lotion Pearls

From dermatologists to college athletes, everyone loves Odisea.

CBD lotion pearls … key ingredients: 240 mg Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin B3, Shea Butter, Bhringraj

Odisea experts say consumers rave about it and recommend it to anyone practicing looking to soothe and smooth for summer-glowing skin. The Odisea CBD lotion pearls are fragrance-free, enriched with fatty acids and vitamins, and are formulated without controversial ingredients.

Vitamin B3 for Glowing Skin

How does Vitamin B3 restore your skin? The water-soluble vitamin works to prevent water loss and retain skin’s moisture content and is also known to boost keratin. For the ultimate de-aging skin, niacinamide enhances the surface structure, helping smooth out skin’s texture and diminish wrinkles.

Benefits: Brightening, counters signs of aging, reduces acne

Who should use it: In general, anyone who wants their skin to be bright or prevent aging

How often to use it? You can apply both morning and evening

CBD lotion pearls contain niacinamide — a powerhouse ingredient for brightening and hydration that often gets overlooked when compared to vitamin C.

Vitamin B3 is incredibly therapeutic as it improves cellular energy, repairs impaired DNA, and lessens the immunosuppressive effects of sun-induced UV rays. With a fountain of youth affinity, Vitamin B3 attacks internal and external stressors that can ultimately lead to the breakdown of our skin and untimely signs of aging like wrinkles.

Yes, start obsessing right… now. Shop CBD lotion pearls.